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Whom do you call a friend?

FRIEND, the very word fills our heart with joy and brings a smile on our face. Friendship is a very special, emotional and sacred bond beyond the boundaries of region, religion, business or gender.

All our relationships except FRIENDSHIP are by default (GOD’s selection) and we must honor them. We were born to a couple so they became our parents. They had brothers and sisters so they became our uncle and aunts. Our parents were blessed with a few kids so we got brothers and sisters. We get married and we get wife/ husband and along with that a series of in – laws. But ‘FRIENDSHIP’ is not by default, we choose it, so we must live by it.

Friendship is the most demanding relationship. If you say you have many friends then either you are lying or you don’t know what actually ‘FRIEND’ means? You can be friendly with everyone you know but you can’t claim everyone as your friend. There may be many people who call you friend but when you really need them they would be unreachable, nowhere to be seen. Be courteous and friendly with everyone but choose your friends prudently as they can make you or break you.

 Friendship is universally acknowledged by this phrase-

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Everyone may have his own definition of ‘FRIEND’. I came across many definitions of friend but the one that touched my heart is:

 “A friend is one who steps in when the whole world steps out”. How true!

Someone wrote, “I was disturbed and put a note on the door, ‘DO NOT DISTURB’.

Then a friend peeped in, smiled and said, Sorry! I am illiterate”.

A FRIEND, listens to your silence, understands your pain behind your smile and can feel the deep love in your anger. Most of the times, we make mistake in identifying our friends.

You can divide people whom you call friend or vice versa in to three categories:

1)   FRIEND in need: This is the type who considers you a friend because he needs you and will remain your friend as long as you can do the needful.

 How to handle: “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai” so; be human, do the needful and move on for, once he had called you ‘FRIEND’.

2)   FRIEND in deed: Normally the people who immediately say ‘yes’ to you for anything get an easy entry in to your friend list and your heart. They make a permanent place there. They are difficult to remove till the moment they start disagreeing with you, and then their very sight gives you the feel of a prickly cactus. Have you heard the story narrated by Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Buddhaa hoga tera baap’? If yes, Good! If no, let me know. I will narrate you the story. The  story beautifully explains  our perception about  a friend and foe.

How to handle: Don’t allow the deeds to influence your judgment. In my opinion one who offers you pegs after pegs till you drop losing your senses and ability to differentiate between good and bad and sips juice himself is not a friend. At the same time one who slaps you to bring you back to your senses isn’t your enemy. Don’t make mistake. You never know you may find your best buddy in them.

3)    A FRIEND indeed: One who is same in good times and bad times, one who tries more to understand than being understood, one who hugs your anger all the time and still says I love you, surrenders his ego for the sake of yours, one who says well done and celebrates when you succeed, one who says never mind and lends his hand you to overcome when you fail, one who dares to slap if needed even at the risk of losing you, one who says, sorry! When, he is hurt and asks you, did I hurt you? – is a FRIEND indeed.

 How to handle: Rub your eyes, pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming, and treasure him because this breed is rare. This is the gift that GOD gives only to those lucky ones who GOD himself wants to be with always but can’t.


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Understanding the minds of today’s kids – How tough is it?

Why only child, understanding anyone’s mind is quite a tough task. Perhaps GOD (along with men) must be still struggling to know the mind of his own creation ‘women’.  I think writing on ‘understanding today’s kids …’ would have been an easier task. Leaving the jokes apart let me come to the topic.

Understanding the mind of kids of any time is the simplest task because they are so natural & innocent. If you can understand the ‘NATURE’ you can definitely know a kid’s mind. Problem arises when their minds are contaminated. It is evident that the thinking pattern or the working of brain depends upon the environment. You must have read the story of ugly duckling.

Most of the children are born GENIUS and we the parent, teachers, neighbors, friends gradually succeed in our attempts of making them AVERAGE. A few days back I was reading somewhere in a news paper; a film star (I don’t remember the name) quoted, “ Funny parents, in our initial years  enthusiastically teach us to speak and walk, and once we learn they keep us telling ‘SHUT UP’ and ‘SIT DOWN’. Very true! What a statement!  I would like to add ‘teachers’ too along with the parents. My husband and I feel very proud of my son when we see him making use of technology so efficiently and rush to him to get technical problems solved. But at the same time we want him not to spend much time with the computer, which he loves to. Why? His excellence becomes main reason to worry. We fear the bad impact of exposure to unwanted stuff on the internet. The same skill that we are proud of becomes a matter of great concern for us.

The cries of my son and tears rolling down the tiny cheeks requesting me, “Mamma, please mat jao; Mamma please mujhe akele chhodkar mat jao (Mamma, please don’t go, Mamma please don’t leave me alone) and my little daughter’s appeals, “Mamma, bhayya meri baat nahin sunta hai, aap please naukri chhod do”still haunt me. My son was just 4 year old and daughter only 10 years when I first took up the job. My job became my first priority. After sending them to school, I used to cook lunch and keep in the hot case leaving it up to my little daughter to serve to her brother and herself after coming back home from school. Both of them were left on their own whole day. I remember, as soon as we entered home they would come rushing complaining about each other or sharing how they spent their day. They wanted us to play with them. They wanted answers for many questions but we were too tired and irritated and often snapped at them, ‘SHUT UP’ and ‘SIT DOWN’.

I learned it hard way when the damage was already done that for a child most important and desirable thing on this earth is LOVE. And for a child ‘LOVE’ is ‘TIME’. Today I feel myself guilty of snatching away their childhood. Though I spent quite quality time with my daughter, telling her stories, playing with her, stitching beautiful dresses for her and dressing her up, I could hardly give that quality time to my son who was born six year after my daughter. Whenever they pleaded me to not to leave them; I explained them about my work pressure and responsibilities forgetting my duties towards them. I expected those little minds to understand me. Wish I could understand their mind at that time. They spent their childhood with T.V. and computer. They explored it the way they could, without any guidance. It is important to teach a child not only what to do but also to teach him how to do. Closer they became to the gadgets, further they moved from us. And today I don’t blame them if they want to spend more time with their gadgets – the computer, laptop or iPod. I know it will take time to win their hearts back, but better LATE than NEVER.

Today’s kid is no different than a kid 50 years ago. So understanding the mind of today’s kids is as easy as it was yesteryear’s. The only difference is of environment. While we had only soil, plants & a few animals around us to explore, today’s kid has the universe to explore. While we had radio he has computers. We grew up listening Begam Akhtar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh & Rafi and they Michael Jackson. While seeing or talking of a nude picture was a taboo for us they are 24 hours exposed to porn in news papers, T.V., internet etc. All these things add to a kid’s curiosity. So naturally his mind is much more active than ours. There are numerous questions in his mind for which he seeks answers. If we are unable to satisfy this need, he will definitely turn to someone else for the same which may be damaging if not answered intelligently.

Being a mother of two teenagers and on the basis of the experiences that I have had with them I have no hitch in accepting that today’s kids are more understanding and better equipped to deal with stress and own up responsibilities. They want to live the life to its fullest and they know how to do it.

Only thing that concerns me is lack of values. But again the culprit is not their mind. For this we need to look within ourselves. Do we always speak truth? Are we sympathetic towards our elder’s needs? Do we keep calm in difficult situation? Do we respect our elders and teachers? Do we spare a thought before humiliating teachers in front of our kids making them villain in their eyes.

Human brain is the most complex machine which works in accordance with its environment.

To understand a kid’s mind we must try to understand his environment.

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There was a young tree that was trying to spread his branches to make its existence felt with new leaflets creeping out in the sunshine & the little buds opening their eyes to greet the world. The weather was unfavorable. The harsh winds were taking their toll on the silky leaflets and the delicate buds. Birds used to make their nests on it but desert it soon as they felt unsecured. It was struggling hard to survive. It would hope a new bud to open its eyes and before his dream would realize two buds would fall prey to the merciless weather. But the tree was strong willed and would never give up. Gradually with his determination the young tree developed a few thorns to protect him from the wrath of the nature and kept on nurturing its branches covered with leaflets and the blooming buds. But the thorns had become blunt and were not able to do the needful.
A little girl curious to know the world wandering from one place to other happened to pass by the tree. Tired of her journey she took shelter under that tree. The swaying of little leaves and sweet fragrance of little buds made the girl feel like heaven and put her to sleep for a while and during her sleep she saw a beautiful dream. The leaves and the buds became alive and started singing and dancing surrounding her. The golden rays of sun started showering their love on her and slowly converged turning into a hand; they picked up a small end of the root and gave it in her hands. Gave a gentle touch to her forehead and disappeared with the wink of eye. The young girl suddenly got up and opened her eyes, the sun was about to set; she looked at her hand and found she was holding one of the branches of the tree in her hand. She had never seen such a beautiful dream. She fell in love with the young tree. She spread her arms and embraced it and left for her home.
Whole night she kept on thinking about that tree and the dream that she saw under that tree. Next day morning she rushed to the tree. She looked around and then turned her eyes to the tree, looked from top to bottom. She asked looking at him –
“My dear friend, I see you struggle so hard still you are not blossoming the way the other trees around. Though younger to you, they have strong branches with thick cover of leaves and bunch of flowers. What is the reason?”
The tree answered, “Their roots are strong while my roots are not so strongly grounded so unable to absorb the water and necessary minerals for the growth. I try to gather as much as I can from the atmosphere but that is not sufficient. I can’t move myself and moreover I have to protect myself from the enemies who are continuously trying to make me hollow from inside.”
“Why don’t you get additional manure and water sprinkled to your roots from outside?” asked the girl.
“Who will take that pain every day? I tried asking a few people. They did so for a few days but as you can see the weather is so harsh; they ran out of patience” replied the tree in a low voice.
“Don’t lose heart, my dear friend. Now onwards you leave this up to me. I will be just waiting to see you blossom. I love see your leaves swaying and the little flowers smiling.” said the girl, embracing him.
The girl enjoyed and found immense pleasure in fetching water and manure from faraway places and pouring in to the roots of the tree with all her love. She would pray every day without fail for its long and healthy life. Her efforts started bearing fruits. Birds started singing & building their nest again. Thorns regained their sharpness. Slowly many people started taking shelter under the tree. The environment was so pleasant. The girl was so happy. She had got her best friend. Though everything was still not fine, the tree had his own wars to fight with but now he was not alone. The tree too would wait for her every day and shower all his love on that little girl. They would talk and weave dreams for beautiful tomorrow and wait for the day when all its branches would bear loads of fruits.
Spring was at its fullest and the tree was loaded with fresh leaves and beautiful flowers. Among the frequent visitors to the tree were a few girls. They loved to pluck the little buds and flowers for their joy. They would make garlands from them and decorate their hair, smell them and throw. They would pick up the leaves, mash them between their fingers, rub the branches against each other and laugh watching those flowers falling down. They enjoyed breaking twigs from here and there and scaring the birds on the nest. But the tree would never mind. He would enjoy and laugh with them. He was so mesmerized with their playfulness that he himself would shed his leaves and flowers to make them happy without feeling any pain. The thorns that the tree had developed for protection too would join them instead of protecting him. This act would make the little girl very sad. Her heart would cry whenever a flower was plucked or a tender twig was twisted. She would go to the tree and ask why he was allowing them to do so but he would simply laugh it off and ignore her and would get angry on her if she insisted to stop them. One day she went to the tree and with a little anger said, “Can’t you see you are harming yourself” The tree said angrily, “They are my friends. Leaves are mine, flowers are mine, twigs are mine and even fruits are mine. I will do what I want to. Who you are to tell me what to do and what not? It seems you are tired off the responsibilities you had taken and just want to shed them off. If you have problem you too can leave like the earlier ones. I don’t care.”
The girl was in a complete state of shock. Her eyes were filled with tears, her throat was choked, and she couldn’t utter a word. She couldn’t leave the tree and with the heavy heart continued doing what she had been all the days through with same love and affection. She tried to convince the girls not to harm the tree for their fun and tell the thorns to do their duty. The girls and the thorns didn’t like her objections and started troubling her. They would deliberately tease her; the thorns would prick her every now and then. She was afraid to talk to the tree. What if he again gets angry? She didn’t want to leave him. She would just look at the tree hoping someday he may see her wounds but he would see everything and ignore but never say a single word to them.
The continuous pricks and scratches left her bleeding. One day she mustered the courage to talk to the tree. She said, “O my friend! Your thorns have left me bleeding. Just see…” and before she could show her wounds the tree shouted in anger, “I don’t have time for your nonsense talks. They are my friends. I can’t do without them. If you want you can go. Do whatever you like” and got busy with them.The girl sat down under the tree. Her tears started flowing as if she had never cried before. She wept whole day whole night. She even forgot that her wounds were bleeding badly and needed help. The memories of past started rolling in front of her eyes like reels and she fell unconscious. It was a stormy night and when she closed her eyes forever, nobody knew. The storm caused leaves and flowers to fall from the tree and covered the body of the little girl. The next day began; the girl was nowhere to be seen. No one bothered. People walked over her body.
Season changed, summer came and took off all the leaves and flowers. Thorns dried up and became blunt. Birds left the tree and took shelter on the big trees. Soil got cracks & minerals exhausted without which the tree wouldn’t survive. And then the girl’s body that was lying under the cover of dried leaves and flowers started decomposing and soon got converted into the manure and got absorbed into the soil. With the great thunders the sky became cloudy and raindrops started soaking the earth; reaching the manure deeper and deeper into the soil from where the roots of tree sucked it up. With the dawn a small bud opened its eyes from the dried trunk and within no time the thick foliage covered the tree. Flowers bloomed; birds returned to their nests and started singing melodious songs. Everyone was happy but happiest was the little girl who had been transformed into a little twinkling star in the sky and was admiring the beautiful attire of her best friend who was standing tall amongst all.
The moral of the story:  the essence of true love lies in giving.


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Life is short so Live fully and Intensely..

We need to learn to accept present as it comes our way and be happy.

Stop regretting for the past mistakes and live your present fully and intensly because the ‘Today’ that you are living is the reflection of the way you lived your ‘Yesterday’.

So visualize your ‘Tomorrow’ and live ‘Today’ accordingly because the ‘Tomorrow’ that is waiting for you will be the reflection of how you live ‘Today’.

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God Never Wants Us To Run A Race

Two days back I received a SMS from one of my acquaintances stating

“The winning horse doesn’t know why it runs in race. It runs because of the whips and pain. Life is a race. God is your rider. If you are in pain then think God wants you to win the race.”

It made me really think that how most of the people strangely believe that the life is nothing but a race and get busy in rat race.

After running the race for many years I realized that even after winning the race I was only a rat. Not only this, I observed that, however, I was on the top, in spite of putting in best efforts, my command was in the hands of the rats who were far behind from me in the race yet they were more privileged and were enjoying the best cheese because they knew what they wanted and also prepared to go up to any extent to achieve what they wanted even if it meant manipulations. Then I asked myself, “Dear, do you have any idea; what you are running for?”

Now, I have a different opinion about life. I strongly believe that God never wants us to run the race. God has been fair enough to his children. He created this beautiful world with all his love equally for us (mind it for ‘us’ not ‘me’). He wanted us to live together with love, peace, multiplying the beauty of this world, sharing the joys and sorrows and help each other to fulfill our dreams walking hands in hand. But we believe everything in this world is for ‘me’ and start running to grab everything before anyone else could fetch it without knowing if it is what we had set out to search. We consider everyone else who we meet on the way as our competitor. While running this race we forget that we are humans not rats and that God has created the world for ‘us’ and that there is enough room for each one of us.

The race becomes so intense that we even forget what we are running for and give our command in many hands so that we could run freely thereby making ourselves run tirelessly to chase their dream. We ultimately become the product of their certificate. Each time we succeed in getting a thing for them we get a certificate of excellence and get stamped as winners. We tolerate all the pain all the hardships believing, “Life is a race. God is my rider. He is whipping me and pushing me so much to make me run faster. If I am in pain it means God wants me to win the race.” We run and exhaust ourselves so much that we forget to live the life. What we remember is to run so much so that we are hardly left with time to think “what I want?”

God never wants us to run a race. Life is the most precious gift of God to us. He wants us to live it fully. With love, share & care with sincerity and honesty. This path is not easy. In the due course many difficulties may come. The pain and hardships that we get during this journey make us strong to face the challenges and overcome these hurdles. These also make us thoughtful, considerate and compassionate about   those who are not so fortunate to have what we have.I wish to share a story with you:

There was a great devotee of God. He used to pray him all the time and had surrendered himself to the all mighty. He had everything; beautiful wife, adorable kids, his dream house and good business. As the life is so unpredictable, he lost his business and became bankrupt. His wife who was used to of leading a luxurious life abandoned him and left with the kids to her father’s house. All the relatives and friends who used to swear of their friendship turned their eyes. He was left with the only pair of clothes on his body. Quite disappointed at his misfortune he was walking along the sea shore. He decided to end his life. Before jumping into the sea he looked back and saw a trail of footsteps. He set on the beach and last time prayed to God and said, “O my Lord, all these years you had always been with me. You gave me everything what one could have asked for. I am not sad because my wife, my kids, friends & relatives abandoned me because I know they are human beings and selfishness is one of the human characteristics. But my heart cries for, you too abandoned me. I never lost my faith in you and always remembered you in my good and bad times. Earlier whenever I walked I used to see two trails of footsteps and I knew that you were with me. But now I see that your footsteps are not seen anymore, I am walking all alone. How could you forget your child?”

God appeared before him and wiped his tears with his hands and said,“My child! open your eyes and see carefully; these are my footsteps not yours. I am carrying you in my arms because you have become so weak that you can’t even carry your own burden. I never abandon my children.”

Remember, in our journey; God is not our rider, instead he is our guide and companion. He walks with us holding our finger throughout the journey and carries us in his arms affectionately with care when we can’t carry our burden any more and lose all hopes but because of our ignorance we believe that we are all alone.

I have experienced this myself. When I had lost all hopes, people whom I had immense faith and considered as my best friends didn’t even replied my greetings forget the numerous messages. Friends who I thought would go out of the way to help me were not ready to adjust a bit in spite of having everything that could have helped me stand on my feet. Instead there was a sort of warning, “Hey! don’t even dare to look here.”

At that time, it was God who reinstated my faith in me and the people who ,I had never expected went out of the way to help me; compelling me to re define ‘friendship’ and ‘life.’

So, just for a moment close your eyes and give it a thought:

“Life is a GIFT or a RACE”.

even if it means RACE to you, always remember;

God Never Wants You To Run It”  

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Is happiness unhappy with you?

Is happiness unhappy with you? Are you desperately following it seeing that closer you go far it moves?

Don’t follow happiness, happiness will follow you.

Just follow these 10 A’s of Happiness.

1) Aspire

Aspire to be happy. This is the first condition to achieve happiness. Look for each opportunity that gives you even a bit of happiness. Most of the times, it happens that the opportunities simply rain but we keep crying for not getting any. And we start blaming God for not being so kind or crib over our bad luck. Remember,

“Luck is directly proportional to our alertness & ability to seize the opportunity that goes passing by.” 

God gives equal opportunities to all but we don’t get any because we keep our pale upside down and then cry seeing others grabbing them up.

Happiness is for all. You have the very right to be happy. Look for those opportunities to be happy.

2) Accept

Accept that if you are not happy, no one but you is responsible for this situation; for the place where you are, for the person what you are, is because you chose to be so.

Accept that if, anyone in this universe can make you happy is no one but you.

Accept that you are the only master of yours. (Except GOD who is the master of universe)

3) Analyze

Meaning of happiness differs from person to person. For some it is money for some it may be just serving humanity. For some it may be friends for some it can be just wandering from place to place.

Analyze, what HAPPINESS means to you. What is, that makes you happy. Is it being with someone, doing something, some activity, place etc…?

4) Ask

Ask yourself,

“What stops me from achieving happiness.”?

“What do I lack in order to achieve that?”

“Do I need to get it from other sources or I have it in me?”

“What is that makes me unhappy; people, place, things, activity…?”

Most of the time what lacks is willingness to be happy and attitude of gratitude. Yes! Don’t be surprised. There are people who have everything they desire (may not deserve) but still they can’t remain happy. They keep cribbing for this or that. If you look at their faces, you will feel as if burden of the whole world’s problems is on their shoulders. They are never satisfied. They won’t even smile forget happiness. If you are one of them then one thing is confirmed that this is what happiness means to you. Then enjoy your happiness.

5) Apologize

Sometimes we carry the burden of our past mistakes or actions and keep regretting making us sullen all the time. We keep punishing ourselves. If this is what is making you sad; relieve that burden from your soul, NOW! Go to the concerned person and apologize wholeheartedly the way you express best. If you feel you express best when you write, take a pen immediately and start writing. If you are comfortable talking, pick up the phone NOW! And dial the number & express your feelings and remember to tell that you mean it. Done? Great! How are you feeling now? I am sure there is peace. Your eyes are twinkling, your heart is so light and mind is so relaxed. There is a smile on your face. Was it difficult? By doing so you have not only chosen happiness for self but also you have healed the wounds and brought about a smile on the face of that person too ,whom you  had caused pain by your words or actions.

6) Acquire 

Make sincere efforts to acquire what you lack in order to achieve happiness.

7) Act

Once you have acquired what you lack, Act. For example, if I want to become a writer; what do I need? First thing what I need is a pen ( of course in working condition ) and a blank paper. Once I have a pen and a paper what or who can stop me from writing? Whether someone reads it or not, likes it or not…how does it matter? Everything else comes later.

8) Abandon

Some people find happiness in just tantalizing, humiliating, troubling others. The moment they know you dislike something or something would upset you; they make every point to say or do so as soon as they see you. Not only that, they go extra miles to convince others that how much fun they can have if they followed them.

Abandon such ‘down people’ as if they don’t even exist for you. Remember, “No one can make you feel small without your permission”

You need not to react to their actions no matter how hard they try to instigate you. After all they are doing what makes them happy. Instead take lessons from them that how sincerely they practice what makes them happy. Help them remain happy and thank GOD. How lucky you are! Even your pain brings happiness to someone.

9) Allow

Sometimes in spite of your efforts you may not get the desired result. At that moment you need to accept the very existence of GOD.

Here I wish to share this poem with you:(Not mine-author unknown)

Let Go and Let GOD do

As children bring their broken toys

With tears for us to mend

I brought my broken dreams to God,

Because he was my friend

But then, instead of leaving him

In peace to work alone,

I hung around and cried to help

With ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,

“How can you be so slow?”

“My child,” He said, What could I do?

You never did let go.”

So Allow GOD to do things his way.

 “Be happy if things are happening as per your wish and be happier if they are not because they are happening as per the GOD’s wish. He always gives us what is best for us not what we think is.”

10) Adjust

Accept the situation and  Adjust….. A little bit.

And then,

You need not follow the HAPPINESS. HAPPINESS will follow you.

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No one can make you feel small without your permission

“No one can make you feel small without your permission.”

I had read and heard many motivational speakers saying this but I realized very late that it’s absolutely true. Today I can give its testimony.

In past I was belittled and humiliated a number of times by a number of people and I kept mum not because I didn’t have guts to stand up for myself but for any of the many reasons like it was in my nature to tolerate silently, I was too patient with people, it was against my values to back answer my seniors or elders, I had easy going attitude, believed in “do your best and leave the rest”… I always expected and considered it as someone else’s responsibility to stand up for myself. I used to go into the shell and cry for hours alone at times publically too. I thought if I was right some or the other day truth will unfold and my innocence will be proved but that never happened and the number of such people kept growing.

By the time I realized this truth “No one can make you feel small without your permission” it was too late. The humiliation that my conscious mind had accepted had not gone down well with my subconscious mind and had started rebelling. I never realized that what I had allowed to happen silently had transformed me totally into a new person. I was not the same Usha. I had lost my spontaneity, I had forgotton to laugh, I had started criticizing & condemning instead of forgiving as usual, I had started thinking selfishly which was not my real self, I had developed various physical ailments which were the result of stress & depression as diagnosed by my family physician and a number of many things. In short I had mortgaged my happiness to make others happy.

Then one day during long struggle filled conversation with self I discovered that whatever was happening to me, no one but I was solely responsible for that. And I decided to stand up for myself. I said, “Usha enough is enough! You are not going to allow anyone anymore to do with you whatever they wish.”

And the day I took that decision since then things started changing dramatically. However it took time and journey was tough but with time I got back everything that I had lost – my happiness, my laughter, my health, forgiveness and above all self-respect and my original self who loves to give selflessly.

So, now it is up to you that you learn lessons from my lesson or test it yourself by allowing others to make you feel small.


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Never allow the emotional anchors to pull you down

Never allow the emotional anchors to pull you down because you never know when you will be left to sail alone.

Read this story.

There was a pair of birds living in a nest on a big banyan tree. They had made their nest with lots of love. Both of them worked hard day and night searching straws and gathering other things from far away places to build their nest and weaving them with lots of passion and creativity. The other birds living on the tree admired their nest and a few envied the bond they shared. The days were passing happily.

One day suddenly the he bird said to the she bird,

“Promise; you will never leave me alone. I will die without you.”

She replied, “You catch me and keep me captive in the nest if I try to do so.”

“I can catch and captivate you but then I will never get you”, replied he.

Hearing this, her eyes filled with tears, she trimmed all her wings and said to him, “See, now I can’t fly. Rest assured I will never leave you alone. Now only death can separate me from you”

Time passed and suddenly one day the weather changed. Winds were becoming stronger day by day. Clouds of dust started covering the sky. It appeared that a furious   storm was approaching towards them which would destroy everything. The other birds started moving and making their nests to the safer places. As the she bird couldn’t fly, he befriended a few other birds and  with their help, started building his new nest. By the time the nest was ready the weather had become very harsh. Along with the other birds he bird was all set to fly. In the company of new friends he had totally forgotton, the one who had trimmed her feathers so that she could never leave him alone. As he fluttered his wings to fly she said to him, “My Dear, You see I can’t fly, so you go ahead with them and save your life. Take care! I will pray for you.” He said, “Take care!”and flew away with the flock. and never bothered to look back to see whether she was still alive or dead. As soon as the storm passed the birds started returning to their nests and repairing them. He too returned and found the corpus of the bird that once he loved so much. On the next branch written with blood was, had he said only once, before leaving; “I can’t leave you alone. You will die;” I would have never  asked him to stay back and risk his life …but I wouldn’t have died before the storm could reach. “Love killed me; not the storm.”


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Building Up Vocabulary DAY 18

Replace the group of underlined words by choosing the correct alternative from the words given in the bracket

(causal, apathy, kleptomania, cerebrate, knack)

1) I have an ability to write poetry effortlessly.

2) The explanation you offered didn’t satisfy the supervisor as it did not relate to cause and effect.

3) Increasing lack of emotion and interest towards old aged people is a matter of great concern.

4) Use your brain well before you enter the partnership business.

5) It was not need but psychological compulsion that made him steal jewelry from the shop.


1) I have a knack for poetry.

2) The explanation you offered didn’t satisfy the supervisor as was not causal.

3) Increasing apathy towards old aged people is a matter of great concern.

4) Cerebrate well before you enter the partnership business.

5) It was not need but kleptomania that made him steal jewelry from the shop.

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Building Up Vocabulary DAY 17

Fill in the blanks choosing the correct word from the words given in the bracket

(Precocious, querulous, veracious, prerequisite, belle)

1) You must keep from that ________________ fellow.

2) Beside academic qualification mastery in soft skills is a ___________ for top level management people.

3) Nowadays _________people like him are rarely seen.

4) The ___________ 3rd grade child astonished everyone by his performance at Math Olympiad.

5) ________of the beauty contest were introduced to the judges.


ANSWER (meanings of the underlined words are given in the bracket)

1) You must keep from that querulous fellow.

(argumentative, inclined to find fault, irritable)

2) Beside academic qualification mastery in soft skills is a prerequisite for top level management people.

(pre condition, qualification)

3) Nowadays veracious people like him are rarely seen.

(habitually truthful and honest)

4) The precocious 3rd grade child astonished everyone by his performance at Math Olympiad.

( gifted, matured beyond normal for one’s age in mental capacity)

5) Belles of the beauty contest were introduced to the judges.

 (beautiful woman, reigning beauty)

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