Is happiness unhappy with you?

Is happiness unhappy with you? Are you desperately following it seeing that closer you go far it moves?

Don’t follow happiness, happiness will follow you.

Just follow these 10 A’s of Happiness.

1) Aspire

Aspire to be happy. This is the first condition to achieve happiness. Look for each opportunity that gives you even a bit of happiness. Most of the times, it happens that the opportunities simply rain but we keep crying for not getting any. And we start blaming God for not being so kind or crib over our bad luck. Remember,

“Luck is directly proportional to our alertness & ability to seize the opportunity that goes passing by.” 

God gives equal opportunities to all but we don’t get any because we keep our pale upside down and then cry seeing others grabbing them up.

Happiness is for all. You have the very right to be happy. Look for those opportunities to be happy.

2) Accept

Accept that if you are not happy, no one but you is responsible for this situation; for the place where you are, for the person what you are, is because you chose to be so.

Accept that if, anyone in this universe can make you happy is no one but you.

Accept that you are the only master of yours. (Except GOD who is the master of universe)

3) Analyze

Meaning of happiness differs from person to person. For some it is money for some it may be just serving humanity. For some it may be friends for some it can be just wandering from place to place.

Analyze, what HAPPINESS means to you. What is, that makes you happy. Is it being with someone, doing something, some activity, place etc…?

4) Ask

Ask yourself,

“What stops me from achieving happiness.”?

“What do I lack in order to achieve that?”

“Do I need to get it from other sources or I have it in me?”

“What is that makes me unhappy; people, place, things, activity…?”

Most of the time what lacks is willingness to be happy and attitude of gratitude. Yes! Don’t be surprised. There are people who have everything they desire (may not deserve) but still they can’t remain happy. They keep cribbing for this or that. If you look at their faces, you will feel as if burden of the whole world’s problems is on their shoulders. They are never satisfied. They won’t even smile forget happiness. If you are one of them then one thing is confirmed that this is what happiness means to you. Then enjoy your happiness.

5) Apologize

Sometimes we carry the burden of our past mistakes or actions and keep regretting making us sullen all the time. We keep punishing ourselves. If this is what is making you sad; relieve that burden from your soul, NOW! Go to the concerned person and apologize wholeheartedly the way you express best. If you feel you express best when you write, take a pen immediately and start writing. If you are comfortable talking, pick up the phone NOW! And dial the number & express your feelings and remember to tell that you mean it. Done? Great! How are you feeling now? I am sure there is peace. Your eyes are twinkling, your heart is so light and mind is so relaxed. There is a smile on your face. Was it difficult? By doing so you have not only chosen happiness for self but also you have healed the wounds and brought about a smile on the face of that person too ,whom you  had caused pain by your words or actions.

6) Acquire 

Make sincere efforts to acquire what you lack in order to achieve happiness.

7) Act

Once you have acquired what you lack, Act. For example, if I want to become a writer; what do I need? First thing what I need is a pen ( of course in working condition ) and a blank paper. Once I have a pen and a paper what or who can stop me from writing? Whether someone reads it or not, likes it or not…how does it matter? Everything else comes later.

8) Abandon

Some people find happiness in just tantalizing, humiliating, troubling others. The moment they know you dislike something or something would upset you; they make every point to say or do so as soon as they see you. Not only that, they go extra miles to convince others that how much fun they can have if they followed them.

Abandon such ‘down people’ as if they don’t even exist for you. Remember, “No one can make you feel small without your permission”

You need not to react to their actions no matter how hard they try to instigate you. After all they are doing what makes them happy. Instead take lessons from them that how sincerely they practice what makes them happy. Help them remain happy and thank GOD. How lucky you are! Even your pain brings happiness to someone.

9) Allow

Sometimes in spite of your efforts you may not get the desired result. At that moment you need to accept the very existence of GOD.

Here I wish to share this poem with you:(Not mine-author unknown)

Let Go and Let GOD do

As children bring their broken toys

With tears for us to mend

I brought my broken dreams to God,

Because he was my friend

But then, instead of leaving him

In peace to work alone,

I hung around and cried to help

With ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,

“How can you be so slow?”

“My child,” He said, What could I do?

You never did let go.”

So Allow GOD to do things his way.

 “Be happy if things are happening as per your wish and be happier if they are not because they are happening as per the GOD’s wish. He always gives us what is best for us not what we think is.”

10) Adjust

Accept the situation and  Adjust….. A little bit.

And then,

You need not follow the HAPPINESS. HAPPINESS will follow you.

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