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TELEGRAM is now a History

Our next generation would find a text similar to this in the text books under the title ‘Means of Communication’-

Between 18th and 20th Century TELEGRAM was an important way of communication to send urgent messages in India. However, it lost its charm in the beginning of 21st century due to the rapid advancement in science & technology. Gradually mobile phones, internet, e-mails, facebook etc. forced TELEGRAM to take a back seat. Finally on 15th July 2013 it took its last breath and broke all its bonds which had kept people not only in cities but also the remotest areas connected for almost 163 years. The first TELEGRAM was sent on 5th November 1850 which covered a distance of 50kms from the then Calcutta to Diamond Harbour. After 5years this fast medium of communication  was thrown open to the public.

Telegram Wire Stock Photos - Image: 27466703

American scientist Samuel Morse had patented telegraph in 1837. After that Morse and his associate Alfred well invented a new language using dot(.) and dash(-). This new invention made it possible to send messages from one place to another within a few hours using TELEGRAPH Machine. Ships could send an SOS to ask for help using telegraph machine by clicking three dots  which represented English alphabet ‘S’ then three dashes which represented ‘O’ followed by three dots .e. ‘S’. By 1845 all European countries were connected by telegraph lines. Later German scientist Werner Von Siemens invented a new machine which just needed to turn machine dial to choose the right letter.

In 1870 Siemens brothers connected India and Europe by 11,000km long telegraph line which took only 30 minutes to send a message from India to England. This service which kept India connected with European countries was replaced by WIRELESS TELEGRAPH in 1931.

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We are losing the green cover day by day. Streets get flooded with slightest downpour. Forest areas have been converted to concrete jungles. Tigers, leopards, snakes etc. are left with no choice but to wander in residential areas in search of food. Still everyday thousands of buildings are being constructed, hundreds of new projects are launched even though large number of already constructed flats are locked & unoccupied. People have multiple properties but a middle class family still struggles to get a descent accommodation due the continuous rise in rentals and huge amount of security deposit, on top of that rent hike after every 11 month, brokerage after every 11 month, shifting expenses etc.
I was wondering, do we really need so much of construction? Huge quantity  of water, electricity, sand etc. is consumed which is depleting our already limited natural & man made resources. Then suddenly this idea struck to my mind- how would it be if, like gas connection number of houses owned by a person be marked in one’s ration card and no person is allowed to possess more than two houses?
I thought wow! what an idea? But then again my thoughts took a turn and I couldn’t help but think; because of these constructions
lacs of people get employment, thousands of business man make their earning by means of selling sand, cement, iron, construction equipments etc. If construction is restricted, large number of people will be affected. Also our ministers, babus etc will incur huge losses and their bank balance would suffer 😉
Jokes apart, at this point my brain stopped working so I thought why not to ask you if you have some solution.
So… over to you for your valuable comments…

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