Embracing God’s Beautiful Gift – Nature at Uttaranchal

It has been almost 8 months since I visited my native place in Uttarakhand. Though I have spent years there; this time I realized how little I knew about it. What a serene beauty! Visit to The queen of hills Nainital, various lakes around and cave garden with sister Uma’s family & younger brother Shankar was full of fun & frolic.  Thanks to our family friend & guide Shanker Singh who is as dear as younger brother. The further journey could have never been so enjoyable without him. The drive through the roads passing through Deodar & pine trees, the breath taking picturesque waterfall, the dancing river, singing birds, Historical Museum at Munsyari … what not? I still get lost in the memory of the moment when our vehicle passed from right under the waterfall. What a feeling!  Our stay at PATAL OAKS CAMP owned and beautifully nurtured by Shanker Singh was one of the best parts of the tour. Visit to the SUPERNATURAL CAVE OF PATAL BHUVANESHWAR was really a dream come true. It was a divine experience. One thing that really touched and won our hearts was, the concept of home stay at Munsyari and home – made food provided by the women co-operative members founded to empower the women of Uttarakhand hills by out of box-thinking young man, our very own Shanker Singh. Much affectionately served food was delicious, truly soaked with love. At camp and also on the way we got introduced with variety of birds and enjoyed delicious berries like Hisalu & Kafal.

The sumptuous dinner with the family of Shanker Singh, the short visit to CAMP MILIEU and the hot cup of tea with the owner of the camp Mr. Rajesh Panwar while returning back were like the toppings to the sweet memories of the trip.   With so many sweet memories only disappointment was that I couldn’t try my hands on paragliding as weather was not favorable. Wish me better luck next time…

Asian paradise flycatcher

Black Drango Himalayan bulbul IMG_0086 IMG_0134 IMG_0153 IMG_0172 IMG_4007 IMG_4040 IMG_20130513_101859 IMG_20130515_160056 IMG_20130515_161342 IMG_20130515_161346 IMG_20130515_161404 IMG_20130515_161552 IMG_20130515_161618 IMG_20130515_161658 IMG_20130515_175159 IMG_20130519_171730 IMG_20130519_173256 IMG_20130519_173755 IMG_20130519_173814 IMG_20130520_133952 Long tailed minivet Monal Verditer Fly catcher White browed fantail Woodpecker

Image Tags as they appear here:

1. Asian Paradise flycatcher

2. Black Drango

3. Himalayan Bulbul

4. Nature Trail

5.  Cave Garden – Nainital

6.  Cave Garden – Nainital

7.  Cave Garden – Nainital

8. Temple

9. Sunset view from the temple- Photo by Shanker Singh

10. Trekking Pine Forest at Jajardeol (Pithoragarh)

11. Mouth watering berries – Hissaloo and Kafal at Camp Patal Bhuveneshwar

12. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar

13. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar

14. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar

15. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar – A home away home

16. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar – A home away home

17. At Camp Patal Bhuvaneshwar – A home away home with Shanker Singh – Our Tour Organizer, guide, family & Friend

18. At Munsiyari -Panchachuli Range

19. At Munsiyari -Varities of Hukkas at Historical Museum established and maintained by My Guru, great historian Shree Sher Singh Paangti  Ji who taught us History. Now retired but still has the same love and enthusiam for History & culture.

20. At Munsiyari – Historical Museum Traditional Ornaments used by ladies

21. At Munsiyari – Historical Museum Conches & shells and Currency around the world

22. At Munsiyari – Historical Museum Minerals & Ores

23. Adrenalin runs high while crossing this age old wooden bridge on the way to Munsiyari –

24. Long tailed minivet – One of the beautiful birds you can see here

25. Himalayan Monal

26. Verditer Fly catcher

27. White bowed fantail

28. Woodpecker

29. Can’t express just feel – River on the way to Munsiyari

30. Looking for fish in crystal clear water

31. Tea Break atKumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam- Guest House on the way to Munsiyari

32. Batuli Dhar(Munsiyari): Play equipment at the top, can’t believe this

33. Batuli Dhaar- Touching the sky

34. Batuli Dhar- We shall come again.

Want to experience the same?

To know more about the activities you can enjoy and the places worth visiting Contact Shankar Singh @ www.patalbhuvaneshwar.in

– Usha Rajesh

IMG_4070 IMG_4080 IMG_4130 IMG_4151 IMG_4159 Presentation1

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