Best Time Management Tips

Do you often:

1) give excuses for the things you couldn’t do due to lack of time

2) find yourself behind schedule

3) postpone activities you want to do because you are so busy

4) blame time for keeping people waiting in spite of an appointment

5) find it difficult to manage time…

Stop managing Time. . . because you can’t manage it. In fact NO ONE can.

Just follow these three steps –

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WORK – LIFE balance…

Wednesday wisdom14

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Our National Flag is represents the hopes & aspirations of people of India. It is a symbol of our freedom. It has gone through a series of changes since its first inception. The National Flag of India was designed by Pingali Venkayyaand and adopted in its present form during the meeting of Constituent Assembly held on the 22 July 1947, a few days before India’s independence from the British on 15 August, 1947.

The three coloured bands in the national flag of India hold specific meaning. The topmost saffron band indicates the strength and courage of the country. The white middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra while the last green band is a symbol of the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.

In the center of the flag lies the Dharma Chakra. This Dharma Chakra depicted the “wheel of the law” in the Sarnath Lion Capital made by the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The chakra intends to show the importance of continuity of life i.e. there is life in movement and death in stagnation.

The ratio of  width of the flag to its length is 2:3. Its diameter is approximately equal  to the width of the white band. The wheel contains 24 spokes.

Earlier one could see the Tricolour furling on educational institutions & government buildings only but thanks to the amendments in the National flag Code, now all Indian citizens can proudly hoist the Tricolour over their homes, offices or factories however there are certain do’s & don’ts regarding the handling of our national flag and one must be aware of these in order to maintain the dignity of our national flag.

The Do’s:

  • The National Flag may be hoisted in educational institutions (schools, colleges, sports camps, scout camps, etc.) to inspire respect for the Flag. An oath of allegiance has been included in the flag hoisting in schools.
  • A member of public, a private organization or an educational institution may hoist/display the National Flag on all days and occasions, ceremonial or otherwise consistent with the dignity and honour of the National Flag.
  • Section 2 of the new code accepts the right of all private citizens to fly the flag on their premises.

The Don’t s

  • The flag cannot be used for communal gains, drapery, or clothes. As far as possible, it should be flown from sunrise to sunset, irrespective of the weather.
  • The flag cannot be intentionally allowed to touch the ground or the floor or trail in water. It cannot be draped over the hood, top, and sides or back of vehicles, trains, boats or aircraft.
  • No other flag or bunting can be placed higher than the flag. Also, no object, including flowers or garlands or emblems can be placed on or above the flag. The tricolour cannot be used as a festoon, rosette or bunting.
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TELEGRAM is now a History

Our next generation would find a text similar to this in the text books under the title ‘Means of Communication’-

Between 18th and 20th Century TELEGRAM was an important way of communication to send urgent messages in India. However, it lost its charm in the beginning of 21st century due to the rapid advancement in science & technology. Gradually mobile phones, internet, e-mails, facebook etc. forced TELEGRAM to take a back seat. Finally on 15th July 2013 it took its last breath and broke all its bonds which had kept people not only in cities but also the remotest areas connected for almost 163 years. The first TELEGRAM was sent on 5th November 1850 which covered a distance of 50kms from the then Calcutta to Diamond Harbour. After 5years this fast medium of communication  was thrown open to the public.

Telegram Wire Stock Photos - Image: 27466703

American scientist Samuel Morse had patented telegraph in 1837. After that Morse and his associate Alfred well invented a new language using dot(.) and dash(-). This new invention made it possible to send messages from one place to another within a few hours using TELEGRAPH Machine. Ships could send an SOS to ask for help using telegraph machine by clicking three dots  which represented English alphabet ‘S’ then three dashes which represented ‘O’ followed by three dots .e. ‘S’. By 1845 all European countries were connected by telegraph lines. Later German scientist Werner Von Siemens invented a new machine which just needed to turn machine dial to choose the right letter.

In 1870 Siemens brothers connected India and Europe by 11,000km long telegraph line which took only 30 minutes to send a message from India to England. This service which kept India connected with European countries was replaced by WIRELESS TELEGRAPH in 1931.

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We are losing the green cover day by day. Streets get flooded with slightest downpour. Forest areas have been converted to concrete jungles. Tigers, leopards, snakes etc. are left with no choice but to wander in residential areas in search of food. Still everyday thousands of buildings are being constructed, hundreds of new projects are launched even though large number of already constructed flats are locked & unoccupied. People have multiple properties but a middle class family still struggles to get a descent accommodation due the continuous rise in rentals and huge amount of security deposit, on top of that rent hike after every 11 month, brokerage after every 11 month, shifting expenses etc.
I was wondering, do we really need so much of construction? Huge quantity  of water, electricity, sand etc. is consumed which is depleting our already limited natural & man made resources. Then suddenly this idea struck to my mind- how would it be if, like gas connection number of houses owned by a person be marked in one’s ration card and no person is allowed to possess more than two houses?
I thought wow! what an idea? But then again my thoughts took a turn and I couldn’t help but think; because of these constructions
lacs of people get employment, thousands of business man make their earning by means of selling sand, cement, iron, construction equipments etc. If construction is restricted, large number of people will be affected. Also our ministers, babus etc will incur huge losses and their bank balance would suffer 😉
Jokes apart, at this point my brain stopped working so I thought why not to ask you if you have some solution.
So… over to you for your valuable comments…

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A woman is to be loved not to be understood

A woman is to be loved not to be understood.——OSHO

With due respect to OSHO and his earnest followers ‘TO LOVE’ a woman without ‘UNDERSTANDING’ is nothing more than a mere VERB, just another action done to her not the LOVE that happens to her.

True love always ‘HAPPENS’, never ‘DONE’. When you understand a woman you know her likes, dislikes, her strengths & weaknesses, her mood swings. When you know she is childish, you know she is immature, you know she cooks horrible, you know she is impatient, you know she is quite unreasonable at times, you know she doesn’t have a figure of Hollywood or Bollywood heroine which you dream of …and in spite of you are in love then you truly love her. Otherwise she is no more than an object for you. You love her as you love any other material possession like a car which you maintain and pamper when it goes smoothly & gives good mileage but just kick when it is down or just dump as soon as a new model catches your eyes.

If only men can perceive a woman as a woman not an object and take pains to understand her he can’t do anything but just ‘be in LOVE’  with her. Because a woman is one who bears all humiliation, abuses, scolding still laughs at hundreds of your jokes woven around her treating her as an object, bears the pain which you can’t even think of while giving you birth, becomes the victim of your momentary pleasures, prays for your success forgetting her failures, saves for your future keeping her smallest wishes aside, thinks of you before putting morsel of food into her mouth, prays for your long life forgetting her life threatening diseases … and above all no matter whatever evil you have done to her whenever you turn towards her for love; she forgets and forgives everything, wiping her tears with one hand she embraces you with other. That is what a woman is.

I don’t know what men think whether a woman is to be LOVED or UNDERSTOOD but one thing I know for sure that she is to be RESPECTED. But unfortunately in our society a woman is neither loved, nor understood, nor respected but most of the times USED in the name of LOVE.

In spite of that …

As God never ceases to have faith in human beings a Woman never ceases to shower her Love on men.

ONLY  WOMEN can do it. I am proud to be one.


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‘Art of Living at Rs 600/- per month for a family of 5’

Rs 600/- enough to feed a family of five!!! Did I hear right? Is it our Chief minister’s statement? If it is so I feel poverty can be eliminated instantly at least in Delhi and people can live a contented life setting an example for other states too. And for this she deserves a title no less than  ‘Rajya Mata’.

I appeal Honorable CM Madam Sheila Dixit to calculate how much would be enough for her family as per the rate suggested by her and donate rest of her total income to public welfare fund. She must also make it mandatory for her ministers and officers in her state.

It would be great if she could calculate a sum for other facilities that she enjoys like Medical, education, travel etc…so that many more families can get benefit from the surplus money after deducting the fixed sum from her and her ministers allowances …

Next, I would request her with folded hands to please visit each household with her party men and educate people and teach this ‘Art of Living at Rs 600/- for a family of 5’ . Hope it won’t be tiresome as they have practiced knocking doors many a time  while asking for votes. This is time to repay the debt of public for electing her their CM…

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Trends & Innovation in Education

Just back to Mumbai after a Two Days Training conference and Workshop for Education Heads & Change makers. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet, interact & know about the education systems of five (Finland, USA, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore) of the top ten countries in education across the globe right from their educators & policy makers. These countries are among TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics & Science Study) and PISA (Programme for International Student assessment) worldwide toppers.
Can’t resist sharing some of the beauties of the education system & their thoughts as shared by:

Ms. Pirjo Koivula, Counselor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education, FINLAND

i) 3-things Finnish people value most are: Education, education & education

ii) You ask which school is best in Finland for your child’s education and answer is: The one nearest to your home

iii) Every child has the right to be supported in learning and school attendance as soon as the need arises (written in legislation)

iv) The support in learning & attendance is intensified by three stages – a) general support b) Intensified support c) Special support

v) Support is collaborative effort invoving all teachers, students, the pupil, his parents & welfare personal

vi) assessing support needs and offering the necessary support is an INTEGRAL PART OF A TEACHER’S WORK  under all teaching situations. NO TEACHER CAN SAY IT’S NOT MY JOB.

vii) High quality of teachers: Each teacher has a master’s degree even at Primary level

viii) Word ‘Control’ doesn’t exist as the high standards for education are set and institutions have to meet them. Schools are autonomous

No wonder, Finland is at the top in terms of Education and the country has achieved this only within a short period of time, one decade.

Ms. Stella Fernandez, Master teacher, Creative & Thinking Classrooms, Recipient of Presidential Award, SINGAPORE

i)                    School has One Principal & two vice principals so as to maintain the quality of education

ii)                   Knowledge is easily accessible & don’t waste time testing it.

iii)                 Value & character building is the core of education to make children socially responsible, inculcate a sense of shared values & respect each other’s differences.

Dr. Mindy Blaise, Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Co-Director , Centre for Childhood Research & Innovation, China

i)                    Education is free up to 15years of age to everyone.

ii)                   Rote learning max.10 min.

iii)                 Don’t worry, because children always don’t LISTEN you; worry because children always WATCH you

Mr. Dave Faulkner, Director of Education Changemakers, Australia(Australian of the year,WA-2004 and Young Leader of the year,WA-2003)

i)                    No Education system can be any better than the quality of its TEACHERS. So invest in teachers’ empowerment

ii)                   If you have an extra rupee to spend, don’t SPEND it to reduce your class size; INVEST it in improving the quality of your teachers.

iii)                 When it comes to change-Much more than ownership is AUTHORSHIP

iv)                 RELATIONSHIP is CURRENCY to CHANGE. Build on it.

Mr. Bob Baratta Lorton, President, Center for Innovation in Education (not- for- profit organization), USA

His center instructors have provided curriculum training to over 500,000 teachers worldwide.

His passion for teaching is commendable and worth following. Got to know few wonderful innovative ideas to teach English and Maths & make it interesting from Mr. Bob.

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Convener EDWW and co-founder Council for Global Education,USA

Ms. Gandhi shared her vision to revolutionize education in India & checklist to bring about the most needed change in our education system.

There was a lot more but can’t write anymore. So … Bye and happy sharing…

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Bringing about change

It is a torture to read everyday about age old pending cases, corrupt politicians and celebrity tussles. Only if our politicians are honest, judiciary is prompt and celebrities get some space 12-16 pages news papers would reduce to 4 pages. Please save paper.

If you like it please share.

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Do you have time for me?

One of my friends commented, “I wonder how you manage your time? I wish you write something on Time Management”.

This post, first in the series on Time Management is dedicated to that wonderful friend.

Dear friend,

Just remember each one of us has time for only two types of people in this world:

1)      Those who are close to our HEART, for them we never fall short of time. People close to our heart are those who we love IN SPITE OF… and we genuinely care for them no matter how they respond to us.

2)      Those who are close to our MIND. People close to our mind are those who we need and love BECAUSE OF…and we never forget to make them feel special, that we care for them; again no matter how they respond to us till the time we need them. Need is over; love is over, and then who cares.

Otherwise in this world no one can ever be so busy that doesn’t find time to say just Hi! Or Hey! How are you doing?

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