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Whom do you call a friend?

FRIEND, the very word fills our heart with joy and brings a smile on our face. Friendship is a very special, emotional and sacred bond beyond the boundaries of region, religion, business or gender.

All our relationships except FRIENDSHIP are by default (GOD’s selection) and we must honor them. We were born to a couple so they became our parents. They had brothers and sisters so they became our uncle and aunts. Our parents were blessed with a few kids so we got brothers and sisters. We get married and we get wife/ husband and along with that a series of in – laws. But ‘FRIENDSHIP’ is not by default, we choose it, so we must live by it.

Friendship is the most demanding relationship. If you say you have many friends then either you are lying or you don’t know what actually ‘FRIEND’ means? You can be friendly with everyone you know but you can’t claim everyone as your friend. There may be many people who call you friend but when you really need them they would be unreachable, nowhere to be seen. Be courteous and friendly with everyone but choose your friends prudently as they can make you or break you.

 Friendship is universally acknowledged by this phrase-

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Everyone may have his own definition of ‘FRIEND’. I came across many definitions of friend but the one that touched my heart is:

 “A friend is one who steps in when the whole world steps out”. How true!

Someone wrote, “I was disturbed and put a note on the door, ‘DO NOT DISTURB’.

Then a friend peeped in, smiled and said, Sorry! I am illiterate”.

A FRIEND, listens to your silence, understands your pain behind your smile and can feel the deep love in your anger. Most of the times, we make mistake in identifying our friends.

You can divide people whom you call friend or vice versa in to three categories:

1)   FRIEND in need: This is the type who considers you a friend because he needs you and will remain your friend as long as you can do the needful.

 How to handle: “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai” so; be human, do the needful and move on for, once he had called you ‘FRIEND’.

2)   FRIEND in deed: Normally the people who immediately say ‘yes’ to you for anything get an easy entry in to your friend list and your heart. They make a permanent place there. They are difficult to remove till the moment they start disagreeing with you, and then their very sight gives you the feel of a prickly cactus. Have you heard the story narrated by Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Buddhaa hoga tera baap’? If yes, Good! If no, let me know. I will narrate you the story. The  story beautifully explains  our perception about  a friend and foe.

How to handle: Don’t allow the deeds to influence your judgment. In my opinion one who offers you pegs after pegs till you drop losing your senses and ability to differentiate between good and bad and sips juice himself is not a friend. At the same time one who slaps you to bring you back to your senses isn’t your enemy. Don’t make mistake. You never know you may find your best buddy in them.

3)    A FRIEND indeed: One who is same in good times and bad times, one who tries more to understand than being understood, one who hugs your anger all the time and still says I love you, surrenders his ego for the sake of yours, one who says well done and celebrates when you succeed, one who says never mind and lends his hand you to overcome when you fail, one who dares to slap if needed even at the risk of losing you, one who says, sorry! When, he is hurt and asks you, did I hurt you? – is a FRIEND indeed.

 How to handle: Rub your eyes, pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming, and treasure him because this breed is rare. This is the gift that GOD gives only to those lucky ones who GOD himself wants to be with always but can’t.


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