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God Never Wants Us To Run A Race

Two days back I received a SMS from one of my acquaintances stating

“The winning horse doesn’t know why it runs in race. It runs because of the whips and pain. Life is a race. God is your rider. If you are in pain then think God wants you to win the race.”

It made me really think that how most of the people strangely believe that the life is nothing but a race and get busy in rat race.

After running the race for many years I realized that even after winning the race I was only a rat. Not only this, I observed that, however, I was on the top, in spite of putting in best efforts, my command was in the hands of the rats who were far behind from me in the race yet they were more privileged and were enjoying the best cheese because they knew what they wanted and also prepared to go up to any extent to achieve what they wanted even if it meant manipulations. Then I asked myself, “Dear, do you have any idea; what you are running for?”

Now, I have a different opinion about life. I strongly believe that God never wants us to run the race. God has been fair enough to his children. He created this beautiful world with all his love equally for us (mind it for ‘us’ not ‘me’). He wanted us to live together with love, peace, multiplying the beauty of this world, sharing the joys and sorrows and help each other to fulfill our dreams walking hands in hand. But we believe everything in this world is for ‘me’ and start running to grab everything before anyone else could fetch it without knowing if it is what we had set out to search. We consider everyone else who we meet on the way as our competitor. While running this race we forget that we are humans not rats and that God has created the world for ‘us’ and that there is enough room for each one of us.

The race becomes so intense that we even forget what we are running for and give our command in many hands so that we could run freely thereby making ourselves run tirelessly to chase their dream. We ultimately become the product of their certificate. Each time we succeed in getting a thing for them we get a certificate of excellence and get stamped as winners. We tolerate all the pain all the hardships believing, “Life is a race. God is my rider. He is whipping me and pushing me so much to make me run faster. If I am in pain it means God wants me to win the race.” We run and exhaust ourselves so much that we forget to live the life. What we remember is to run so much so that we are hardly left with time to think “what I want?”

God never wants us to run a race. Life is the most precious gift of God to us. He wants us to live it fully. With love, share & care with sincerity and honesty. This path is not easy. In the due course many difficulties may come. The pain and hardships that we get during this journey make us strong to face the challenges and overcome these hurdles. These also make us thoughtful, considerate and compassionate about   those who are not so fortunate to have what we have.I wish to share a story with you:

There was a great devotee of God. He used to pray him all the time and had surrendered himself to the all mighty. He had everything; beautiful wife, adorable kids, his dream house and good business. As the life is so unpredictable, he lost his business and became bankrupt. His wife who was used to of leading a luxurious life abandoned him and left with the kids to her father’s house. All the relatives and friends who used to swear of their friendship turned their eyes. He was left with the only pair of clothes on his body. Quite disappointed at his misfortune he was walking along the sea shore. He decided to end his life. Before jumping into the sea he looked back and saw a trail of footsteps. He set on the beach and last time prayed to God and said, “O my Lord, all these years you had always been with me. You gave me everything what one could have asked for. I am not sad because my wife, my kids, friends & relatives abandoned me because I know they are human beings and selfishness is one of the human characteristics. But my heart cries for, you too abandoned me. I never lost my faith in you and always remembered you in my good and bad times. Earlier whenever I walked I used to see two trails of footsteps and I knew that you were with me. But now I see that your footsteps are not seen anymore, I am walking all alone. How could you forget your child?”

God appeared before him and wiped his tears with his hands and said,“My child! open your eyes and see carefully; these are my footsteps not yours. I am carrying you in my arms because you have become so weak that you can’t even carry your own burden. I never abandon my children.”

Remember, in our journey; God is not our rider, instead he is our guide and companion. He walks with us holding our finger throughout the journey and carries us in his arms affectionately with care when we can’t carry our burden any more and lose all hopes but because of our ignorance we believe that we are all alone.

I have experienced this myself. When I had lost all hopes, people whom I had immense faith and considered as my best friends didn’t even replied my greetings forget the numerous messages. Friends who I thought would go out of the way to help me were not ready to adjust a bit in spite of having everything that could have helped me stand on my feet. Instead there was a sort of warning, “Hey! don’t even dare to look here.”

At that time, it was God who reinstated my faith in me and the people who ,I had never expected went out of the way to help me; compelling me to re define ‘friendship’ and ‘life.’

So, just for a moment close your eyes and give it a thought:

“Life is a GIFT or a RACE”.

even if it means RACE to you, always remember;

God Never Wants You To Run It”  

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