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What you need to achieve your goals

Hi friends!

Do you also wonder like many other people that in spite of having all desired qualification, putting all your efforts, spending a lot of money;  why you are unable to get the desired results.

What is lacking? what is it, you need to achieve your goals?

I asked this question to myself many times. And what I discovered really opened my eyes. I would like to share my findings here.

If you have ever asked the same questions to yourself, it will be surely helpful.

When I frequently asked these questions to myself they made me think hard & gave birth to many more questions like-

1) Do I really know what I want?

2) Do I know how can I achieve what I want?

3) Do I know what I need to achieve my goals?

4) If yes, do I have what I need to achieve my goals?

5) If no, do I know how can I get what I need?

6) Am I determined to get what I want?

7) Are my actions matching up with my goals?

8) Am I managing my time effectively?

and so on…

and this self interrogation resulted in the following conclusion-

UntitledTill the time I get back and share how I came to know what I need to achieve my goals; you ask the same questions o yourself and jot down the answers in your journal.

Stay connected…and remember to give your valuable feedback.

With Love

– Usha Rajesh

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